Head ShotDr. Patricia W. Elliott

Investigative and Community Journalism

First Nations University of Canada
Regina, SK
Treaty 4 Territory



Why the middle ‘W’ in my name? I’m not trying to be fancy –  it’ s because there are so many Patricia Elliotts in the world, some of them quite famous and, to make it more confusing, some who are also magazine journalists. Google and you will see. There’s Patricia Elliott the soap opera star, Patricia Elliott the young adult fiction writer, even Patricia Elliott the cowgirl poet! I am not any of them. I am the one with the ‘W.’ It stands for Winnifred, after my aunt, Winnifred Brennan. Most people just call me Trish. 

Research Interests

  • Investigative journalism
  • Journalism pedagogy
  • Freedom of expression
  • Alternative and community-based media
  • Community-engaged scholarship
  • Media development
  • Media policy


Interview in Pink Magazine